Potential is NOT Reality

I spend a great deal of time working with #potential

Potential is a beautiful thing. It is #hope and #trust and #faith It is #lookingforward to and #believing in. It’s casting #vision enrolling others into it and making #manifest a new possibility. And Potential is NOT #reality Sometimes, the dedication to developing potential can create a new reality. Other times, it’s a bitter pill to swallow, the gap that exists between the two. It can be hard to know, when to push through and continue to build through potential and when to see it as what it is and #accept it or #release it. This happens in situations, relationships, new endeavors or experiences. All facets of life can get muddied in the holding onto an idea of something that isn’t actually truth in that moment. In the present. I will chose to see the potential, I’m a dreamer that way. And I am learning to hold it next to the reality and hedge my bets when I feel it’s worth the risk. #thingsithinkabout #lifelessons #fightforit #believeinyourself #trustgod #presence #gobigorgohome #seethebeauty #createmagick #illume_innate

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